Spencer is my beautiful 12 year old son.  He has bilateral quadriplegic cerebral palsy and I have set up this page to try and raise much needed funds for the equipment and other things he needs to have a quality of life and be able to experience as much as he can at home, just like an able-bodied child.  




We are looking to extend Spencer's downstairs bedroom and put some french doors in so that he can be wheeled straight out into the garden.  

 Also Spencer could really benefit from a specialist bath, the local authority will only provide a shower so we are also raising money for this too. 


If you can donate anything to this fund, however small, it will help greatly.  If you work for a company who would like to help us please tell them about the 'Help Spencer' initiative to help this very happy little vibrant boy.  Or if you have any fund-raising ideas - your input would be great - please get in touch. 


Donations can can be made via GoFundMe, Help Spencer on Facebook or via www.helpspencer.info.


Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

from Holly - Spencer and Fletcher's mum.





As it is difficult to get Spencer downstairs, with the help of MENZIES we managed to move him downstairs and provide him with a lovely new room so that he can look out into the garden.  Thank you to Mark Ross for helping to put the room together.



Champneys very kindly donated the funding for Spencer to get his reclining chair which will help him to relax and chill out as it can tilt back.  Also it will be good for him for when he is poorly.  Otherwise lying him flat could make him choke.  



With the help of a loyal band of 'Help Spencer' friends, we have transformed the old shed in the garden into an activites room which can be used in wet or dry weather and also give both Spencer and his little brother Fletcher a place to play together.  It has been made comfortable for all weathers, so we have put heating for the winter and fans for the summer as one of the difficulties that Spencer has is regulating his temperature.  


Obvoiusly as Spencer is wheelchair bound we needed to make the area friendly for his wheels.  So, a decked area was created which has been filled with raised beds, planters and pots of fragranced flowers and plants of different shapes and colours.  These attract insect wildlife so that Spencer can see the different types of creatures that live in the garden. 


I was very lucky that a local builder very generously offered to bring his team (The Construction Group) to do the work at no charge.  But 'Help Spencer' friends helped raise the money for the materials and the plants.  Travis Perkins kindly provided the lovely decking.  The Schroder Trust paid for the electrical fittings, cables and light fittings. There was an anonymous donation of £500 to the Dorney Court Garden Centre so that I could choose the plants.  The other organisations who helped were the Link Foundation Family Fund, The Riverside Players, The Old Windsor Carnival Committee, The 7th Old Windsor Scout Group.  Thank you so much to everyone - we are eternally grateful. 


Spencer's condition means that I cannot take him on holiday, not because he is disabled but the fact that just for day to day life, he needs an extraordinary amount of equipment.   He needs a special bed, special chairs, special showering and toilet facilities and special transport, all of which make his and my life, as his sole carer, easier to cope with.  


So now having this lovely garden makes life so much better for Spencer.