Our Story

My Lovely Boy Spencer


Spencer was born 6 weeks prematurely by emergency ceasarean, he had stopped moving inside the womb due to the cord being wrapped tightly around his neck 4 times. He spent 10 weeks in the special care baby unit at Wexham Park Hospital. Due to lack of oxygen during birth because of the cord being wrapped tightly around his neck and also a slight bleed on his brain Spencer has cerebral palsy.


Cerebral palsy is NOT a life limiting condition, it doesn't progress but it won't get better. Spencer can't sit, stand or walk unaided and has a wheelchair, shower chair, special bed, standing frame, stair lift and adapted bathroom . He also has  very delayed learning and limited speech. He goes to a special school called Manor Green in Maidenhead where physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and  hydrotherapy are implemented into his school day. 


It is difficult to go out for the day as Spencer is incontinent and still in nappies and now he is so big there is nowhere to change him. He can't stand and needs to be laying down to be changed. Spence also needs help feeding himself. So we do spend a lot of time at home.


Creating a nice home and garden environment  means so much to us.


Spence loves music, cbeebies, watching TV he particularly likes Eastenders, X Factor, Britain's got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing and Paul O'Grady !!. He does not like toys but he loves to flick through TV magazines all day long. We recently clubbed together to buy Spencer an iPad, it was well worth the money. He can't get enough of it and it is improving his fine motor skills. Spence adores his brother Fletcher who is 6 years old they have a strong bond.  I get a lot of support from my mum she  is fantastic and gives me a lot of help with the boys, I don't know what I would do without her.


Spence is happiest at home surrounded by those he knows and loves. So making a garden area great for him was wonderful in the summer and will be for years to come.  Champneys have just offered to pay for the chair for Spencer and this will be ordered on Monday and hopefully will arrive before Christmas. This will make Spencer feel part of the family's every day life.  


Spencer has also now got a lovely new bedroom funded by Menzies  as he and all his equipment needed to be moved downstairs as it was difficult to bring him down and take him upstairs as he is getting bigger. 


I am very lucky to have such a special boy, I am constantly being stopped if we are out by strangers commenting on Spencer's happy disposition. He is a very loveable boy and makes many friends wherever he goes.


Holly x